The only NYS approved ambulatory surgical facility in all of Brooklyn for gynecological surgeries & abortion.
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Gynecological Procedures

Our facility is equipped with today’s most modern surgical equipment to allow us to perform a broad spectrum of gynecological procedures and outpatient surgeries, as well as diagnostic and treatment procedures. Surgical care is facilitated in an environment that provides privacy, comfort and compassion. This extends to the patients family and friends who can wait for them in pleasant surroundings. Our first priority is patient satisfaction.


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PBGS Hours:

  • Monday: 7AM - 4PM
  • Tuesday: 7AM - 4PM
  • Wednesday: 7AM - 4PM
  • Thursday: 7AM - 4PM
  • Friday: 7AM - 4PM
  • Saturday: 7AM - 4PM
  • Sunday: Closed


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