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Breast Cancer Prevention: Reduce Your Risk

Breast Cancer Prevention Reduce Your Risk

If you are concerned about breast cancer, than you are probably also wondering about its risk factors and how they can be prevented. The prevention of cancer starts with leading a healthy life and staying physically active (Learn also: Ovarian Cancer Risk Factors). Many factors are known to increase the risk of getting cancer. Some of these factors, like for example a family history, a genetic predisposition and age can’t be influenced. However, on the other hand some of these risk factors can be prevented.

Some of the risk factors for cancer that can be avoided include:

Does Pregnancy Increase Breast Cancer Risk?

Having children later, or not having children at all – it is known that women who have their first child over the age of 30, or even women who do not have children at all are at a greater risk of suffering from breasts cancer in the future (Read also: Options Available for Women over 40). However, women who have given birth at a younger age, especially under the age of 20 have lower risk of getting cancer later in life. Early pregnancies reduce the estrogen in a woman’s life by eliminating significant number of menstrual cycles.

Not breastfeeding – according to some studies it has been estimated that women who do breastfeed their babies reduce their chances of getting breasts cancer by up to 60%. Once again, estrogen is the reason. The length of breastfeeding seems not to matter when it comes to lowering the risk of cancer.

How Being Overweight Causes Cancer

Hormone therapy – taking hormone replacement therapy after menopause for longer than five years increases the risk for cancer.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) – is known to increase the risk of breast cancer but only for younger women.

Obesity – increases the risk for almost any health problem and not just cancer. The extra pounds increase the risk of cancer due to estrogen. It is well known that fat tissue produces estrogen. While still menstruating, the main sources of estrogen are the ovaries. Once a woman hits menopause, the main source of estrogen is fat tissue all over the body.  

Alcohol and Cancer: Drink at Your Own Risk

Alcohol – drinking too much alcohol is known to increase the risk for almost any health problem and not just cancer. The more alcohol you drink, the more likely you are about to develop cancer in the future. Drinking 2 – 5 drinks a day, increases the risk of cancer by 1 – 2 times.

Smoking – smoking increases the risk of cancer, especially in premenopausal women. To quit smoking is one of the smartest things you can do not only for lowering the risk of getting cancer, but also for your overall health.

Be physically active – physical activity helps you maintain a normal weight which will lower the risks of getting breast cancer in the future.

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